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We will feel gratitude for any information, because our Social Organization reveres people's memory, who were connected with history of Region, recovers their names, there by fills up blank spot of Russian history.

               The base actions of Museum   

  • 23th of February - Day of defender of native land.
  • 18th of April - Day of monuments protection.
  • 9th of May - Day of Victory.
  • 1th of June - Day of children protection.
  • 2th of July(5) - Day of city.
  • 31th of July - Day of Navy.
  • 1th of September - Day of knowledge.
  • 12th of September - Birthday of Fortress.
  • 30th of October - Birthday of Museum.

   Concerts, lectures, excursions, exhibitions, knight tournaments, field kitchen are conducted in days of base actions having city and region meaning.

Demonstrative performance of members of historical reconstruction club "Fechter".

Consecration of icon of Kazanskaya Mother of God by member of higher orders of clergy Veniamin.

The day of Victory.


View to the Amurskiy gulf.

Exhibit of military technics.

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