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We will feel gratitude for any information, because our Social Organization reveres people's memory, who were connected with history of Region, recovers their names, there by fills up blank spot of Russian history.


      In 1988 Primorskiy Regional Department of Russian Social Organization Russian Society of Protection of History and Culture (VOOPIiK) started the reconstruction of Bezymiannaya battery, because it was sentenced pulling down. Thanks to Primorskiy Regional Department of VOOPIiK, public and commercial structures and means of municipal and federal budget reconstruction and restoration of Bezymiannaya battery was conducted. And October 30, 1996 museum was opened in honor of three centuries of Russian Navy.

Fortress (1988)

   In 1997 in Day of Russian Navy thanks to Primorskiy Regional Department of VOOPIiK and Command of Pacific Navy the tradition of mid-day shooting was restored in museum Vladivostok fortress.

Fortress today

   Museum was entered in the list of Russian Federation as independent one on April 16, 1996. Primorskiy Regional Department of VOOPIiK was awarded by decoration of International community Golden Palm for creation of museum Vladivostok fortress.

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